Be kind to your mind.

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KNDRD is Australia’s new standard in Mindfulness Meditation Studios. We help people feel happier, more peaceful and at ease.


Authentic Practices

We only teach simple, secular, science-backed practices that can make you happier and healthier.

Authentic Teachers

Our facilitators are certified in internationally-recognised programs, and overseen by an international scientific advisory board.

A Place to Be Authentically You

We are a safe and supportive space to practice with others, but especially to check-in with yourself.

It is a simple offering. 30-minute group classes that suit both the experienced, and not-so-experienced among us led by certified teachers in a safe and uplifting space.

We teach mindfulness in a secular way, so belief or background is never a barrier to joining our KNDRD community. The only pre-requisite to practicing with us is that you have a body and breath.

We can’t wait to meet you x