Work With Us

KNDRD is looking for experienced, qualified mindfulness meditation teachers to teach its drop-in classes.

At KNDRD, we think our community deserves the best, and we are committed to ensuring that members of our community practice under world-class, credible, ethical teachers. 

We think teaching mindfulness is a serious business, and the quality of our teachers matters. Mindfulness is both a subtle and powerful practice. And just like we are rightly picky about what we put in our bodies, we think we should be picky about what – or whom – we put in our mind.

We want teachers who are not just capable of delivering content or guided meditations – there’s apps for that - but who also embody the practice, as a result of significant professional training and personal practice in a mindfulness teaching tradition. 

We want teachers who are ethical and are comfortable committing to a KNDRD code of ethics. We want teachers who can hold space safely for students and help make KNDRD a safe and uplifting community for all.  

We want teachers whose deep expertise makes them an ongoing resource for inquisitive students. We want teachers who can skillfully assist with queries or obstacles as they arise, but who don’t bombard with unsolicited advice or intrusive inquiries.   

Ideally, KNDRD teachers will have:

If you think this is you, please get in touch at!