What is mindfulness meditation exactly?

Great question! Put simply, it is the practice of bringing your awareness and intention to the present moment, without judgement. This can be done sitting, standing, walking, or lying down (you don’t even have to sit cross legged with your eyes closed!).  In a world where we’re often busy thinking about the past or stressing about the future mindfulness simply brings you back to this very moment, right now.

Who will be guiding the class?

We think our students deserve the best, and that means the highest quality teachers. That’s why we ensure our facilitators are not just mindfulness enthusiasts, but experts. All of our facilitators have completed training in a rigorous and internationally-recognized mindfulness program and have a developed personal practice. 

Where is the studio?

The studio is located in the heart of Melbourne’s beautiful CBD. Find us at 34-36 Block Place, opposite Cafe Segovia. You’ll see signs leading the way up to the 3rd floor where our light-filled studio awaits you.

What do I sit on?

We have soft, fluffy meditation mats along with a cushion which you can sit on, or simply use as a back support. We also have chairs available for those who prefer to sit upright. However, we encourage you to take any posture that feels comfortable... even if that means lying on the floor!

What do I wear?

There’s no dress code, we simply encourage you to wear whatever you are most comfortable in.  This might be your work clothes, jeans or workout gear.  We do ask that you remove your shoes on arrival.  Bare feet are welcome as are your favourite socks - even if they have holes in them (this is a judgement-free zone!).

Do I need to be experienced to take a class?

Absolutely not. Our teachers are here to guide everyone on their own journey, whatever their experience levels. 

Got another question? 

Feel free to email us anytime at hello@kndrdmeditation.com.