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KNDRD Workplace

Make your organisation kinder, more mindful and courageous.

At KNDRD we meet you and your organisation where you are.

We’ll work with you to foster a sense of belonging and safety, so people feel free to be themselves, explore what really matters to them, and bring themselves fully to their work.

We’ll work with you to integrate mindfulness as a means of fostering self-awareness and presence, but also as a tool to develop courage, authentic connection and compassion.

We believe (and the research shows) that to make organisations braver, more innovative and creative, we must learn to be fully present, embrace vulnerability and practice empathy and gratitude.

We are committed to using a language that speaks to the human experience, to use words that express the emotions that people feel.

If you feel the same way, we’d love to work with you.

KNDRD Classic @ Work

Introduce your organisation to regular mindfulness practice by replicating the 30-minute KNDRD drop-in experience at your workplace. Have our certified instructors lead a series of regular KNDRD Classic* meditation session in your workplace.

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KNDRD Urban Retreat

An immersive two hour introduction in the practice of mindfulness, and an opportunity for your team to learn formal and informal mindfulness-based wellbeing practices under expert instruction.

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KNDRD+ is a 4-module mindfulness-based wellbeing program, customisable according to your organisation’s needs. It comprises of four 90-minute sessions delivered over successive weeks.

The program includes a minimum of two modules dedicated to mindfulness, followed by any two of the following modules:

Mindful Communication
Calibrating Goals
Mindful Leadership
The Power of Vulnerability
Overcoming Perfectionism
Compassion Cultivation
Shame Resilience
Authentic Connection
Cultivating Courage
Clarity of Values
NB: KNDRD is also qualified to teach longer and more established programs like Mindful Self-Compassion, MAPS and MAPS II.
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KNDRD Keynote

One of our expert facilitators can deliver a 45 minute keynote to your organisation, conference or event related to mindfulness, compassion or othe research-backed wellbeing practices within our facilitators’ expertise.

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KNDRD Bespoke

Still can’t find what you’re looking for? We can sit down and tailor an offering for your organisation.

For all KNDRD Workplace enquires and to request a copy of our Workplace Brochure please email

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*KNDRD Classic is a 15 minute awareness of breath, followed by a 10 minute loving-kindness practice, and 5 minutes for questions.