We think our students deserve the best, and that means the highest quality facilitators. That’s why we’re alone amongst Australian studios in ensuring our facilitators have have been certified in a rigorous, research-backed and internationally-recognised program, have years of teaching experience, and embody the practice.


Mindfulness might not always be easy, but it doesn’t need to be complex. We only teach simple, time-tested practices. These practices work. They’re suitable for all levels of experience. And most importantly, they’re portable, so you can take them with you.


We are passionate about mindfulness, but we never want to oversell it. We want our programs to help you be happier and healthier. That’s why we only teach practices that are backed by the most current and credible science. And our international advisory board of eminent scientists and researchers ensure we keep it that way.


We respect and acknowledge the rich contemplative traditions from which mindfulness comes, but teach mindfulness in a secular way, so it is accessible irrespective of background or belief.


Your safety is non-negotiable. We think that meditation, and meditation communities should always be safe, and we think that meditation teachers should be held to the highest possible ethical standards.  That’s why we require that our facilitators adhere to a strict code of ethics and teach in a way that cultivates safety. They’re available to offer support when you need it, but won’t otherwise intervene in your practice.


We’re here to support your practice however we can. Most importantly, we’re a community of practitioners who support, inspire and strengthen each other. We look forward to practicing with you!